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Terms and Conditions

1. Hazardous Waste: The waste material to be collected and disposed of by Federal Roll-Off Services(FRO) and Junkstar Dumpsters (JSD) will not contain any hazardous, toxic, or radioactive waste, municipal solid waste, asbestos, liquid waste, contaminated soil or drums and tanks, or any amount of waste listed or characterized as hazardous by the United States Environmental Protection Agency(EPA) or any other applicable federal or state law or agency. Customer agrees to defend, indemnify and hold harmless FRO/JSD against any damages, fines, or penalties arising from transportation of the above material. Restrictions and fees may also apply to appliances, refrigerators, freezers, mattresses, air conditioners, tires, monitors, computers and televisions.

2. Equipment Responsibilty/Liability: Customer will be responsible for any loss or damage to the equipment(boxes), other than normal wear and tear. Customer will be responsible for ensuring that legal loading equipment is used and will indemnify FRO/JSD for any overweight fees, assessments or charges of any type incurred while hauling on behalf of the customer. Customer agrees to indemnify and hold harmless FRO/JSD against all claims, penalties, suits, damages, and liabilities for injury or death to persons or loss or damage to property from Customer's use, operation, or possession of any equipment or material provided by FRO/JSD.

3. Pavement Damage: Customer agrees that FRO/JSD will not be responsible for any damage to Customers pavement, asphalt, or curbs resulting from the weight of the  vehicles servicing, picking up or delivering equipment.

4. Box limit: All boxes no matter what the size cannot be filled above the top of the box. They also must be kept within DOT restrictions as to the gross weight of the box. Also there will be additional charges for any tonnage over the allowed tonnage on the rental. Any and all fees, fines, citation as a result of the customers use will be the responsibility of the customer.

5. Servicing of Dumpster: It is the responsibilty of the customer to make sure that FRO/JSD has clear and open access to the dumpster being serviced. If FRO cannot pick up or service dumpster that was called in by customer due to any kind of obstruction there will be additional fees. Also there will be additional fees for any wait times if upon arrival for delivery or picking up the customer is not ready or access is delayed.

6. Permits: Each municipality/town/city has their own different regulations and permit requirements concerning placing dumpsters in the street, private properties, and any other public right of way. It is the responsibilty of the customer to contact/purchase and supply any necessary permits. FRO/JSD is not responsible for obtaining any permits.

7. Payment: Account customers must pay all monies due within 14 days upon reciept of invoice. All non-account customers must pay for all rentals upon order to be scheduled for delivery. We Accept All Major Credit Cards.

By providing FRO/JSD with your credit card information, you authorize FRO/JSD to charge your credit/debit card the cost of the rental of the dumpster and any extra fees associated with the rental of the dumpster that may incur, including but not limited to overweight fees, daily rental over allowed days, attemp fees, wait times.